Interview: lady leshurr

Listed at Number 9 in MTV‘s Best of the Best UK MCs at the turn of the year, Birmingham femcee Lady Leshurr returns this month with the new EP ‘Mona Leshurr’. When The Wrap Up sat down to speak with her about the new project, she referred to it as her “work of art; her first proper piece of music, with album crossover potential and orchestral elements in the tracks.”

It differs from 2011’s ‘Off The Lesh’ offering in that “that EP was just a collection of songs put together to have something out there. With ‘Mona Leshurr’ I’ve sat down and worked on every song with the whole EP in mind.”

With production from the likes of Raf Riley and a feature from Paigey Cakey it’s an enthralling EP, with her own favourite track being ‘Yippy Yay Yippy Yo’ as “it’s an old school vibe with a fresh flavour.”

As well as a new EP, Lady Leshurr has also heavily impressed with two major performances, having taken part in the Red Bull Music Academy Sound Clash alongside Just Blaze and Raekwon amongst others.

The New York Times said I got the loudest cheer and that was amazing, to have that much love come my way from the crowd despite being an outsider and from the UK was great!”

Meanwhile, her show stopping performance for the BBC Urban Proms was equally well received. “I was scared a little at first, as there were a lot of older people there but I loosened up and just did me. I kept it real and acted as if it was my own concert, not being held at the Royal Albert Hall. A lot of people have since told me people weren’t dancing until I took the stage, which is nice to hear.”

Rumours are also abound that she could be working on a trans-Atlantic collaboration with the legendary Missy Elliott. She said of their conversation: “I said she should let me know when she’s next in the UK, so we’ll see what happens… we have a good online relationship.”

The potential Missy Elliott link-up aside, many people are surprised that Lady Leshurr is yet to sign a major label deal – she sees it differently.

“I’m not surprised by anything. I maybe could have signed but down to one thing or the other it didn’t happen previously. I just think God’s got a bigger plan for me and I’m in a good position now. One where I’ve got my own label, releasing independently and taking it easy.

“I think the independent route is becoming more and more the way to go. Once you have that song, labels will come to you.”