As Technology Takes Over

Revolution Clothing Technology Are Our Minds Becoming Less Rational As Technology Takes Hold Of Our Lives?

Since the beginning of the 20th century modernisation has reached a new focal point in human mental evolution.  New inventions came in the form of societal betterment whilst new ideas were being formed into a political way of running a government.   People became more reliant on the system and found new comfort in their lives without questions.  Our souls are morphing into machines whilst the new breed of fuel is now, a new version of greed upon which is perpetuating falsehood therein, empowers those who holds the button of “financial power” in their hands.

Our story depicts the lives of those we love, merging daily into the rigmarole of modern life that invites the continual stress of the never ending concerns.  This statement may not be to some of your liking, ‘others become wealthy off the fear and pains of the common people’.  We are too worked up in pleasing a system that was built to keep the poor barely satisfied whilst the rich become famous and powerful because of our lack of knowing and inability to help our own misfortunes.

What Is Our Revelation?

Revolutionary clothing represents the unveiling truth which separates the lies from truths that are being symbolically shown through main stream media.  There’s political agenda to cause rapture to such a degree however, we recognise these issues that needs addressing.  The brands revolve around the idea of equal understanding and openness to express educated thoughts without fear of judgement or harm to one’s person.  Revolution is a fight for change and change for the betterment for the youths of tomorrow.

Let us open our minds away from slowly sinking into the industrial machines of technology that replaces our commons sense and grasp the simple notion that we as people are more important as a whole, to work together using our minds to commonly achieving the best whilst challenging the odds that threatens our right to think outside the box as individual.